The Rambler

Kat was born and bred in the Hunter Valley. img_0092.jpg Although partial to cool climate pinot noir, tempranillo, nebbiolo, warm climate cabernet and will give pretty much any red (that isn’t merlot) a crack, she is most at home among Australia’s most popular red variety: Shiraz. Kat loves the innovation that is synonymous with Australian wine. Her favourite thing about Aussie wines is the fact that you can stick any grape in the ground anywhere in Australia and try to make wine with it. She is passionate about supporting small, young wine makers who are trying to do something different and loves to travel vineyards that are too small to be found in your local bottlo.

When not drinking wine, Kat is a researcher and physiotherapist, with a PhD in running, knee injuries and footwear.


The Driver


Nathan is the long-suffering chief-of-transport who gained this role by  default of not being a wine drinker. His poison of choice is bourbon but will drink a sticky (as long as it tastes like liquid Christmas cake), or when Kat shoves a glass in front of him and says “drink this, it’s really good”. Lucky for the Ramblers, he’s an excellent driver, makes great conversation and really likes to read –  so  is very patient when adventures at vineyards take a little too long. He’s favourite thing about Aussie wines is that they make Kat happy.



The DJ


Annie calls the Southern Highlands home and  pinot grigio her favourite wine. Annie takes pride in her expansive music collection (really, it needs to be seen to be believed) and eclectic taste, although her penchant is for Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet. Annie is always up for an adventure that involves beautiful scenery and tasty wine. Because the best wine pairing is the perfect tune, she  always has the perfect soundtrack ready for the journey or bottle opening.

When not wine rambling and making mega mix-tapes, Annie spends time with her dogs (aka Fluffy Butt and The Fluffy Penguin*) and working as a physiotherapist.

*Not puppies’ real names but are names given to puppies by Kat.


The White (Wine) Rambler

It’s ok, she also drinks red.